Photographic Services


Film Services

If you found an old roll of film or just need film developed
we can help. The best way is to give us a call and we can tell
you what is available.
                      Limit of Liability
When you submit negatives,slides or other materials to Digital Imaging Solutions, that consitutes an agreement by you that any damages or loss caused by us,which includes negligence or any otherfault by Digital Imaging Solutions,will entitle you only to replacement with like amount of unexposed film and processing.
Except for such replacement,the acceptance of the film is without warranty or liability expressed or implied and recovery for any
incidental or consequential damages are excluded.
              Print and Enlargement Services
Reprint or enlarge your favorite photo.
Don’t wait until it gets deleted from you camera!
We offer print services from digital files or negatives,
4×6,5×7,8×10,8×12,11×14,12×18,16×20 and 20×30 are the
common sizes available in glossy or matte
Prices vary by size , example 8×10 $3.69
If you have a lot of photos we can scan them onto a CD, make a video montage for a special occasion.
Location and stock photography services available
We can photograph your items for ebay,use on a web site or insurance records