We can scan your photos,slides or negatives so that you can view them on you computer or other device.
Photos are scanned one at a time on a flat scanner that ensures they will not be damaged (which could happen with an auto feed scanner). Our prices are competetive but might be higher than others because we want to ensure the safety of you photos and give you a higher quality scan.
Slides and old negatives also can be scanned, each project is different and the quote is based upon the number of items you have and how fast you need to completed project back.
Once the items have been scanned we can save them to a CD or DVD. If you like we can make a photo slide show of your images complete with music that you can watch at home or for a special event.

Photo scanning starts at $2.00 and decreases with volume, slides start at $ 0.75 each

Not sure give us a call!


Scan Slides and Negatives

Bulk Scanning

We can scan your newer 4×6 photos onto a DVD using an automated scanner

Photos are scanned at 300 dpi no corrections

200 Photos for only $29.95