#1  Can you give me an estimate over the phone?
Yes for most items we can quote you a price, however photo restoration is a little different
but we can tell you the most the project would be (without seeing the photo)
#2  Do you still process film?
No Sorry we still print photos but no longer process film
#3  I have old photos that don’t need restored I just want to copy them, do you do that?
Yes as long as they are not copyrighted, we can copy and reproduce them at the size you prefer
#4  If I have you transfer my old movie film to DVD, do I get the film back?
Absolutely the film is returned in the same condition we receive it on the original reels. We
do not alter it or splice it together.
#5  Can you put mutiple VHS tapes on the same DVD?
Yes as long as the total project does not exceed 4 hrs, there is an additional charge for each tape
#6  Is it worth it to process old film?
In most cases there are images depending how it was stored.If it does come out blank there is a
minimal charge to cover cost of the chemicals.
#7  I don’t live close by can you ship my order?
Yes call us ahead of time for a consultation we can discuss cost ,time and payment options