Photo Restoration



The first step is to evaluate the original photo
look at it under a magnifying glass , if it is sharp and clear that’s good but if you see a lot of small cracks and surface damage not so good.( That does not mean it cannot be repaired it just increases the cost.) We can repair cracks, remove or insert people even colorize you photo.
We can try to give you an estimate over the phone but it is best if you bring the photo in for us to look at.
After we evaluate you print we can discuss what you would like done and how fast you need it. We can then give you a good quote as to time and cost of your project.
You photo never leaves our facility  but, if you have concerns we can make arrangements to scan the photo before you leave that way you won’t have to leave it.  The quote  is primarily based upon time required to repair the item, we can then make you prints and/or save it to a CD for future use

The most extreme photos can be scanned, repaired and reprinted for less than $100 depending on size.

Call us we can answer a lot of your questions

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